What does the fox say?

Funnily enough, this fox doesn’t say anything. Because he’s a knitted pillow. Duh. But he is pretty awesome.

Foxy Pillow


I usually name my creations but I’ve been a bit stumped with this one. However, he’s not destined for my sofa. This fantastic Mr Fox is for a friend who has a fondness of the red woodland creature. Look at his pointy snout.

Foxy pillow face

The knitting pattern is by Sleake Knits over on Craftsy. It’s pretty straightforward but moss stitch was a new one for me. Thankfully, the pattern wrote when I needed to knit and when I needed to purl so I didn’t get too mixed up. It did say to stuff directly though. I got the tension right but there were still a few gaps, particularly when I changed colour. To avoid bits of stuffing sticking out, I made a bespoke cushion pad by drawing round the finished knitted pieces.

Foxy pad

The fox is probably firmer than intended but he should keep his shape over time. Personally, I’m pretty chuffed with him. Hopefully my mate will be charmed by his foxy features too!


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