Adventures in sequins

My gran was quite the socialite in her day. At the many functions she attended, she wore a variety of beautiful and blingy outfits – some designer and some homemade. When Gran hung up her high heels, her outfits went to Mother before making their way into my wardrobe. Some of these I have worn, such as the black and gold dress (great if you want to look sexy without shaving your legs). Others I haven’t quite built up the confidence to pull off yet. Let’s face it, a shiny silver jacket with massive shoulder pads is quite a strong look on any occasion. Still, life would be extremely dull with sparkles and sequins.


Vintage silver jacket and sequin top | Homemade top and dress | Sequin jacket and glittery shrug | Want to ogle at more shiny clothing? Step right this way…

2 Responses to “Adventures in sequins”

  1. Beth-B

    I’ll wear it one day. I bought a black and gold vintage little number at the weekend – complete with fringing. I can’t resist sparkly jackets!


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